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In this world of technology, are naturalists needed?

June 16, 2014

As a lifelong Red Sox fan, environmentalist, and photographer (alas, without access to an equipment trust fund or at least a six-figure income... yes, Mom and Dad, I know, I should have become a doctor), I am no stranger to bouts of pessimism, even, to be sure, something akin to despair. The Sox go through dry spells. The Powers-That-Be too often regard saving the natural world as an unnecessary frill. I run into folks bearing that almost- $18,000 super-telephoto 800mm lens on a close-to-$2,500 camera body that I really, really need to take perfect pictures of those young Great Blue Herons in that nest a quarter-mile away. (Yes, Mom and Dad, I know I should have become a best-selling writer... or a National Geographic photographer.)
But the dark cloud doesn’t stay in place for long. The Sox come through in the clutch or, praise the Lord, take the lead early and never let go. Folks in positions of leadership actually listen to scientists and take to heart the many critical services provided by nature and act properly. I decide that, while many thousands of dollars of gear would be nice, I’ll just make do with what I have and capture the images I can’t effectively take with words rather than pixels.
There are plenty of other reasons to be a semi-eternal optimist at heart.

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