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Web Special: It’s never too late to get started on the road back to fitness

January 28, 2011

NORTH KINGSTOWN—For many people, January is a time of great promise.
Sure, the weather is far from fantastic—it’s cold, it’s snowy, it’s icy—but, still, it’s time for a new year and, in that way, January acts as a sort of reset button for a lot of our bad behaviors.
But what happens when we turn the page into February? Do we slide back into our old habits or do we find a way to stay on the right track?
For Fabulous Fitness owner Eddie Brandt, the answer is simple: There is no such thing as a reset button.
If you want to change something about yourself, it doesn’t matter when you do it, just that you do it.
That’s why Tuesday night, under the dim lights of his open-air “wellness center” located at 7665 Post Road in North Kingstown, Brandt sat atop a blue medicine ball teaching a Zumba/Strengthening class to a handful of some of his most dedicated clients, clients that showed up despite the icy chill in the air and a fresh coat of snow that had dropped on the area earlier that morning.
“Well, the thing to do is just take an action,” Brandt said. “It doesn’t always have to be ‘I want to feel like it’. Don’t always go by your feelings. Take the action because sometimes we’ve been in such a sedentary state, watching television, going home, staying in our routine. Say ‘I’m going to take this action, even if I don’t feel like doing it’ because with the action, the feelings will follow.”
For many local gyms and health clubs, January is a month that sees a renewed interest in getting fit. Whether it’s because of new year’s resolutions or a desire to get ready for the summer beach season, the first of the year inspires many people to find their way back into workout rooms who either haven’t been there before or haven’t been there in a long time.
“Definitely, definitely more,” Brandt said when asked if his center has seen an increase in membership since the start of the year. “And it’s always going to be … I’ve notice people from the ages of 30-50 that have put on a couple of extra pounds over the years and are having trouble getting them off.”
Brandt suggests to his new clients, especially ones who are trying to meet certain goals or resolutions, to stick to what he calls the RPM resolution.
“R would be a reasonable resolution,” he explains. “The P would stand for a planned resolution and M for measurable resolution so be reasonable with weight loss, make it something that we plan and structure and that you can measure so that you can have success as you move toward your goal.”
His client’s swear by his strategies.
Take Lynda Knisley, for instance.
Standing in Fabulous Fitness 20 minutes before Tuesday night’s class, Knisley talked about all the weight Brandt has already helped her lose and how much better she feels because of it.
“I started when Eddie opened up and I had done a weight loss thing years ago and had started getting back to where I was before I did that and that basically motivated me to get back into shape,” she said. I wanted to ”get back into the clothes that used to fit me and the classes are varied enough that you get to do things that are fun and it’s not just the boring, same things over and over again.”
Knisley, who won Brandt’s “Trim The Fat” Fitness Challenge back in November, says staying motivated to work out in winter isn’t easy but, if you can accomplish it, it’s quite rewarding.
“In the winter time, you tend to feel more lethargic because you’re not getting that exercise so having a program like this available makes it easier because you’re not going to get outside and walk,” she said. “In the summertime, I have a walking routine but right now that’s impossible so having an alternative, to come in here and be able to do the different things that he offers still keeps you going.”
Warwick resident Lisa Kane agrees.
“It’s so worth it because I feel like … I didn’t think I could do the things that I’ve been doing,” she said. “Like pushups and stuff like that and I can actually feel my stomach muscles now. It happens. It happens little by little but it does happen. I feel awesome. I see some of the muscles in my arms now and it’s worth it, it’s so worth it.”
Whether you go to Fabulous Fitness, any of the other three local gyms/health clubs in North Kingstown, or work out on your own, the message is clear: If you had a new year’s resolution, or even if you didn’t, it’s never too late to get back on the road to fitness.
“If you need to do it, you need to get started,” Knisley said. “Get started and it will all fall into place. Don’t put it off because it doesn’t get any easier.”

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