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Times reader interviews ‘Guy the Rock Guy’

August 16, 2013

Photos Courtesy Michael Bottari

The rock formations near the Coast Guard House in Narragansett have been admired by locals and tourists for years. The photos and story were submitted by Times reader Michael Bottari.

NARRAGANSETT - Ocean Road. The sounds of traffic rolling by, idling engines, a rumbling motorcycle, flashes of music from open windows of passing cars, a band on the deck of The Coast Guard House Restaurant singing “dance with me to-ni-ight,” little fragments of personal conversation as I weave around groups of people or couples walking along the sidewalk by the sea.
Between all the sounds of our little beach town, I almost forget the sound of the waves.
I stop and lean against the seawall and see one man who hasn’t. He’s crouched among the rocks, picks up a small oblong stone and juggles it in his hand, testing its weight and inspecting its shape.
Around him stand countless towering pillars, stone on stone, somehow balanced, seemingly precarious but steady and still.
They are monuments of balance and peace, stillness, surrounded but unaffected by the constant flow of machines and voices to the west and the crash and pull of waves to the east; they are islands of solidity in an ocean of churning chaos and constant motion — a much needed relief.
The man stands up and navigates over the rocks and begins to place his fist-sized stone on a lip of a large rock stuck in the sand. He stands it on end, it falls, he catches it. He tries again and again, then, somehow, it stands straight up, stiff, defiant of gravity.
He steps back and puts his hands on his hips, looking around at the surrounding rocks. His face is hidden by sunglasses and a green hat. He stands there, just as still and balanced on the rock as the one he had placed. The only movement is a slight quivering or biting of his lip as he inspects the rocks around him, looking for the next piece of the pillar.
“Excuse me!” I yell out.
He looks up.
“Did you do all of these?”
He looks around, “Pretty much.”

Pick up the Friday, August 16 issue of the Narragansett Times for Michael Bottari's interview with "Guy the Rock Guy."

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