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There is a new Terror in Rhode Island this season

October 14, 2013

Cranston Mayor Allan Fung welcomed the new Spooky world scream park to the city as they launched their first night at Mulligan’s Island Thursday.

CRANSTON- Cranston Mayor Allan Fung welcomed the new Spooky world scream park to the city as they launched their first night at Mulligan’s Island Thursday.
The Terror in Rhode Island is Rhode Island’s newest haunted scream park and includes three attractions that immerse visitors in a world of fear and panic.
Mayor Fung said that he was pleased to be invited to the opening and to introduce the new attraction to Cranston.
The three attractions include Festival of Fear, Devils Playground and Darkness Falls. According to owner Wayne Caufield, all of the attractions have their own sense of terror but Darkness Falls is one of the most frightening.
The Darkness Falls exhibit is inside a house of darkness and each visitor is equipped with nothing more than a glow stick to lead them through the maze.
“Since we only give them a glow stick, you can only see about two feet ahead of you so you don’t know what to expect next, and not knowing what to expect, that is what terrifies people,” said Caufield.
The maze takes each person through different parts of the house such as the rat and cockroach infested rooms, and a child’s bedroom that gives a sense of eeriness with tattered bunk beds and various toys scattered across the wall. The maze ends with an inflatable black exit that provides the feeling of being stuck in a never ending black hole.
Festival Fear is an attraction that is unique from the others because it is 3-D. It includes terrifying proportions filled with eye popping artwork and freakish creatures. One of the most frightening parts of this one is that it is difficult to decipher between the characters and art on the walls.
The last attraction Devils Playground follows the traditional style of a haunted maze with the cemetery setting. Caufield said that he can personally assure the public that the attractions are frightening, even if you dare to visit more than once.
“ I have to go in each maze during hours of operation and pretend to be a normal person to make sure everyone is doing their job, and even though I have been through them before, It still scares me every time,” said Caufield. “I should know what is coming next but they honestly terrify me and make me jump every time, which is good because that is what we want you guys to feel.”
The characters of the attractions each have their own role and look as though they came straight from someone’s nightmare. According to Caufield, everyone has to arrive over two hours early in order to have time for costume and makeup.
“Sometimes they get ready on the set behind the scenes. It really is more of a process then one might think,” said Caufield. “Even though some of them don’t take as long to get ready, some of the characters have to show up three hours before to make sure the makeup is done and acceptable for when we open.”
For the future, Caufield hopes to attract and scare as many people of Rhode Island possible.
“We all have put a lot of time into this, even the workers. We try to give three different attractions so people can be frightened more than once,” said Caufield. “I am thankful that everyone is here to support us and we are looking forward to bring something new to Rhode Island and we hope everyone enjoys themselves.”
Terror in RI not only has haunted attractions, the scream park also has carnival games, inflatable games, music, food, and alcoholic beverages.
If You Go
The hours of ticket booth operation are Thursday and Sunday 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday and Saturday 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. The cost of general admission is $24.99 on Friday and Saturday and $22.99 on Thursday and Sunday.
All haunted attractions open at 7 p.m. and the park will not close until each person has made it through all 3 attractions.


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