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Pay no attention to that cold snap summer is still with us

July 28, 2014

For all of this journal’s long history—a stretch that, amazing to me, now spans five decades in publication (thanks for putting up with me)—I’ve tried, whenever possible, to focus on looking ahead. But, as both the venerable Weather Oracle and more than a few readers have pointed out, my record as a seer is not that good. So, more often than not, I’ve used my words as a way to review the natural history events of the past week. I’m a decent historian, and the approach, coupled with a nod to what might be in the offing, seems to work.
As a reviewer, however, I’ve learned that there’s one commandment that has to be obeyed, and it’s this: Don’t Give Away Too Much of the Story, and Definitely Don’t Reveal the Ending. Of course, if you plan to—if revelation is simply unavoidable—there’s a protocol. The reviewer must issue, up front, what’s called a “spoiler alert.” This is essentially an advance warning that tells you that you’re about to learn more than you may want to know: the final score, or who really dunnit, for example. The spoiler alert is a declaration that, if this knowledge is going to ruin your enjoyment of whatever is under review, you should stop reading right now. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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