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Never a dull moment with‘The Rescue’ at CTC

June 30, 2014

WAKEFIELD - The Contemporary Theater Company had their whole audience laughing Friday night with the first time performance of the political satire comedy “The Rescue.”
“The Rescue”, written by local playwright Ron Maine, had a successful opening night with a small audience at the CTC. The 13-scene play featured a modest cast of 10 actors and actresses all who helped to bring the script to life in this first full production.
The play, directed by first-time Director Maggie Cady, focuses on two countries living in two very different ways, and how little people know about the government spending habits. The making of “The Rescue” script was a 10-year process, and it didn’t disappoint during the debut performance.
Act one starts with the opening scene where Walter P. Alshucker, played by Ron Giles, Marlena, played by Brynne Sawyer and Junior played by Pete Bucci sat in the office of their questionable and somewhat raunchy company debating how they could make some extra money for their business. Little did they know they were about to get their hands on a great amount of money from the government.
There was not a dull moment as the clever and hilariously inappropriate content of the humor was evident throughout.  The cast frequently connected with audience members with subtle winks and jokes that kept everyone laughing for the roughly two hour performance.
Then steps in the super power president played by Dave Price, who fully owned his character from beginning to end and leads a country that seemed to be a fictional version of the United States. This first scene set the stage for what was to come with the conversation between Price and his press secretary, played by Daraja Hinds where Hinds admits the public doesn’t have a clue what is going on because all they do is watch television and Price replies with “Good! Then we can do whatever we damn well please”, and so they did.
The idea behind the play came to Maine after years of working with the United Nations, and seeing first hand what goes on. The insane yet realistic humor made for an amusing performance.
“What I think makes it so funny is not my outrageous sense of humor or writing, it’s how close to the truth it is,” said Maine after the performance.  
The president has his own corrupt intentions in mind when in the following scenes he chooses to come up with “The Rescue Plan” and award a huge amount of foreign aid to a little country known as Lesser Mondraga , a country that strangely relies too heavily on goats, and the plot unwinds from there.
This comedic twist makes for two hilarious characters Lonsdale, played by Sami Avigdor and the Lesser Mondragan president played by Terry Simpson. Avigdor and Simpson had the audience laughing through every scene. The two compliment each other and highlight the fast-talking script along  with Bucci and Karl the Advisor, advisor to the super power president, played by Rico Lanni.
Lanni portrays a pessimistic politician flawlessly, while attempting to adapt to the Lesser Mondragan way.  Although “The Rescue” is not a musical, there are three short and to the point interludes where a few cast members sing amusing songs as they travel back and forth between the countries.
Using only a simple set with very few props, the actors and actresses of the CTC put on a truly entertaining and comedic performance with the help of additional cast members Chris Maxwell as the general and Laura Orabone as the secretary of state.
“What could I say I’m very pleased,” said Maine. “We’re really lucky to have this courageous group of people right in our midst here.”
“The Rescue” will continue to play June 26 through 29 and July 3 and 5 at 7 p.m. Although you may want to leave the kids at home for this one, the first play to the CTC summer season is one to be seen for sure.


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