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Narragansett locals steamed about summer parking

June 22, 2011

Photo By Shaun Kirby

Beach parking along roads like Narragansett Avenue, above, presents all sorts of issues for locals who routinely cannot access their mailboxes or have to pick up garbage left behind.

NARRAGANSETT—Residents expressed their frustration about parking issues to the town council Monday evening, citing the influx of tourists illegal parking along residential streets during the summer months. Two areas of conflict were specifically discussed, Atlantic and Narragansett Avenues along with the Scarborough Hills area.

The town council first passed a motion to adopt a resolution amending Parking Restrictions and Regulations on Narragansett and Atlantic Avenues. A parking permit will be required for vehicles parking along Atlantic and Narragansett Avenues from May 15 to September 15, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. No overnight parking will also be enforced between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

The town council previously held a public hearing on May 2 in order to discuss potential parking changes to Narragansett and Atlantic Avenues with concerned residents. During the winter months, college students often park illegally on the streets, blocking residents from leaving their homes and leaving trash on their lawns. The summer brings the chronic issue of beachgoers parking along Narragansett and Atlantic Avenues to avoid paying beach parking fees.

The town had also sent out a letter and a questionnaire on March 18 in order to gauge resident interest in amending the town’s parking regulations, and the results were returned favorably. Homeowners on both streets who attended Monday’s town council meeting were grateful for the parking changes.

“This is an important first step for us in what has become an out of control situation with students parking overnight,” said Barry Schofield, a resident on Atlantic Avenue.

The town council also proposed parking changes for the Scarborough Hills area, a measure which was attended heavily Monday evening by frustrated residents. As on Narragansett and Atlantic Avenues, the Scarborough Hills area is troubled by the overflow of parking from beachgoers who do not want to pay parking fees at Scarborough State Beach.

“[Residents] wanted the town to take a look at their area because parking issues are arising,” said Town Manager Grady Miller. “People are leaving trash in neighborhoods and getting in altercations with residents. The situation is a little bit different [than on Narragansett Avenue] because these are smaller lots which are being blocked and keeping residents from parking at their homes.”

A recurring problem of beachgoers parking along Knowlesway and blocking residents’s mailboxes has also angered residents who do not receive mail from the post carrier if they cannot access the mailbox. Homeowners vented their frustration to the town council, citing that the parking issue has become unbearable.

“We have been forced to put cones in front of our mailbox to get our mail and I pick up garbage every morning,” said Rich Scivola, a permanent resident on Knowlesway.

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