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A love story told slowly, over 62 years of good living

February 17, 2011

The Strozier's 1949 wedding photo.

This January marked Bill and Pauline Anderson Strozier’s 62nd wedding anniversary.
The Coventry couple was married on January 15th, 1949 at a Lutheran Church in Providence. Bill was 25 and Pauline was 23. Today, Bill is 87 and Pauline is 85, but the couple said it seems like just yesterday that they met.
They talked about the day in great detail. Pauline said that her father brought Bill home with him on February 8th, 1948.

“My brother was in the military and so my dad used to bring navy men home with him all the time and my mom was always making big meals for everyone so I never thought much of it, but there was just something about Bill that was different,” Pauline said. “I knew he was a good one from the first minute I spotted him.”
The couple was married a year later and had their first child, a daughter, Susan, two years later on February 1st. Exactly one year later, on February 1st again, their second child was born, another girl, Barbara.
The Strozier’s said that they have many wonderful memories of their life building a family together, celebrating birthdays, anniversaries and holidays like Christmas, the Fourth of July and of course, Valentine’s Day.
This Monday, however, they said, they don’t have any special plans to acknowledge Valentine’s Day this year. They said that after 62 years of marriage, “every day is special” to them.
Pauline said that she plans on making a roast so that the couple can enjoy a nice dinner together, but has nothing out of the ordinary planned. They said that for them, it isn’t necessary to have a day designated to acknowledge that special person in their life, for them, they feel that every day. Pauline said that from the start of their relationship, she considered Bill not only her husband, but also her “best friend.”
They said that they are aware that many people today are flabbergasted by the idea of being married to the same person for 62 years, but for them, it doesn’t seem like anything extraordinary.
“I can’t imagine my life with out him in it,” Pauline said. “Of course, at our age, you think about it and your plan for it, but we certainly don’t dwell on it.”
Bill said that “after this many years you just like and dislike the same things.” That your “lives are sort of molded as one.”
They said that they think the secret to their marriage success is laughter. Pauline said that together, she and Bill laugh a lot. They laugh about their memories of good times and bad, about more recent things that have happened to them, about stuff they see on the television and about how they have learned to live with one another.
Pauline said that there is a secret to their success.
“I tell all my friends that if they are having trouble with their husbands to just get them a computer,” she said and laughed. “He loves it, it keeps him busy, and it gives me some time for myself to do what I like to do; read. It’s perfect.”
Bill laughed and said that he has his own little secret too.
“When she gets mad at me, I just turn down my hearing aid so I can’t hear her,” he said with a chuckle.
“Yey I know he’s doing it too because I see him, no one else knows though, but I do,” Pauline said and laughed about it too!
The couple said that it’s strange to think that 62 years have already gone by. They now have children, grandchildren, memories of good times and bad, and lots to be grateful for.
They said that they took a trip across the country where they spent 40 days and 40 nights seeing different parts of the United States as well as sections of Mexico and Canada, which remains fresh in their minds.
“After we both retired, we spent a lot of time traveling and that was really nice,” Pauline said. “We saw all the national parks, stayed in some really nice places and ate lots of different foods.”
“We never had a time frame,” Bill said. “We just got in our car and drove, that’s the way to do it.”
“Time goes by fast, your children grow up fast, then your grandchildren do, you just need to enjoy all of it because before you know it, 62 years have gone by,” Pauline said.

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