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Love is a force for driving change

April 23, 2014

It occurs to me sometimes that I am not as informed as I could be on the positions that many of our leaders on local, state, national and/or international levels hold regarding the world and the state of affairs transpiring around me. I make efforts to keep up-to-date on politics, movements going on in the world, the crises that seem to never end and so forth, but I realize far too often that I am in the dark on many of the world’s goings-on.

Perhaps I am too critical of myself, for there is always a great deal going on, and one would be hard pressed to really be informed about all of it at once. Not to mention the fact that once I do feel reasonably comfortable about any given scenario, the nature of change that exists in all things pops up, and the entire situation could become radically different, in any given moment. This of course does not mean that I should give up on understanding more, but I should be comfortable with what I have at any given time, knowing it will change shortly. There are patterns to look for, and to follow carefully within that experience of life I have had, that may give me an inkling of present truth, and potentially future truth. Either way, I know I should never get too caught up in worry and anxiety about anything, and certainly, I should never cling to anything as absolute. It is healthy to be informed, and helpful to always continue to gain knowledge into the old warehouse of experience.

Today’s book opened up a major world figure’s point of view on some things, and it was really pleasant learning about this person. “Only Love Can Save Us: Letters, Homilies, and Talks of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio” is a very tidy, informative, thoughtful and accessible book of writings from the current Pope Francis. He changed his name when he became Pope. The positive message of the title caught my eye, and the smiling photograph of a kindly looking fellow on the cover was also helpful in bringing me to this book on the bookstore bookshelf. The book was put together in 2013, but is a collection of some older work brought together to help people know a bit more about the recently instated Papal leader. Our Sunday Visitor, Publishing Division distributes this book. It is widely available.

Pope Francis was the Bishop and then a Cardinal from Buenos Aires, Argentina before he became pope. He was the first pope chosen who was from the Americas. Pope Francis speaks from a new and much larger pulpit now, but he was always quite vocal. There were many challenges he faced as a leader in Buenos Aires, Argentina. These were the events that shaped the perspective he is now sharing as pope. The frank and open style that has already endeared him to the world as pope is fully evident in these approachable pieces that give insight into the mind and heart of the man.

This collection of homilies, letters, and talks from his years as cardinal in Argentina reveals his consistent love for the poor and joy in Christ as he covers a wide range of topics of interest. Marriage, prayer, faith, education, evangelization, the elderly, children, the homeless, vocations and more are all touched upon in this book. The world would benefit from a clearer understanding of this person’s point of view. He is clearly on the side of the underdog, but has a firm understanding of the dynamics of interplay between all sorts of people. More importantly he has a vision for a more unified and peace-filled world.

“Only Love Can Save Us: Letters, Homilies, and Talks of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio” was a refreshing greeting to a very influential and important world leader. It was pleasant to find the pontiff far more accessible than I at first understood. His communication style is very down to Earth. He has a clear theme through his writings and talks, and that is that if this world is to do more than just merely survive, if it is to flourish, love will be the force that will drive that change. If you are interested in learning more about the thoughts, feelings and view-point of the current leader of the Catholic Church, grab a copy of “Only Love Can Save Us: Letters, Homilies, and Talks of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio” and listen to his kind and compassionate message for yourself.

Enjoy and read on!

Kerry Wholey is a freelance writer living in Narragansett.


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