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KC Hospital CEO Sandra Coletta: A Woman to Emulate

November 15, 2011

A woman knows: an apology can neutralize the fury.

In an era when most in corporate America seem to loathe in accepting personal responsibility for any given situation, the following is offered as a unique approach, all the more interesting in that this event occurred in our own back yard.

It happened five years back in a relatively small hospital in this smallest of states – Rhode Island. But it happened to a big personality.

A local woman brokered the historic compromise; as such, she became an even bigger player in the story. Most regard her as the true heroine.

In 2006, James Woods’ brother, Michael, died following a heart attack and subsequent visit to the emergency room at Kent County Memorial Hospital. According to records and testimony, staff in attendance failed to note the seriousness of Mr. Woods’ condition. As a result, he died, lying on a hospital gurney in the corridor. He was only 44.

What happened next? The family hired legal representation and Kent Hospital responded to charges that it was negligent and responsible for Michael Woods’ death. They stated the staff should have recognized his imminent danger.

Now, a nasty courtroom face-off promised to get progressively uglier.

Enter CEO and President of Kent County Hospital, Sandra Coletta.

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