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Ghostly encounters at Paine House

September 26, 2011

Times File Photo.

COVENTRY—A series of ghost investigations at the Paine House Museum gave RISEUP Paranormal reason to pause for a second look at claims of paranormal activity.

Norma Smith, president of the Western Rhode Island Civic Historical Society, told the Times that in the past, visitors at the Paine House have been known to experience events out of the ordinary.

“Some people have also said they have seen a little girl in the corner of their eye,” she had told the Times.

RISEUP Paranormal, a group based out of Rhode Island, hosted a series of investigations from June to August this summer that utilized video cameras, sound recorders and other equipment to determine any presence or communication at the Paine House.

Ken DeCosta, the director at RISEUP, reported that the investigations went very well and the group did encounter some “weird” events.

The website stated that in conclusion of the research, RISEUP felt that “our own experiences there strongly suggest there is indeed a level of validity to claims of paranormal activity there.”

DeCosta reported that there were adult and children’s voices heard, full body apparitions and anomalies captured on camera. Visitors reported that they felt hands on their shoulders, poking or even unexplained, free floating lights.

“It was a very gratifying event,” said DeCosta. “There seems to be some type of communication with the house.”

DeCosta and the team at RISEUP led a lecture, Paranormal 101, at the Coventry Library to debrief residents on their findings. DeCosta reported that the 75 people in attendance came very enthusiastic and were prepared with questions.

“The sort of evidence that they’ve [collected] is pretty amazing,” said Jane Schweinsburg, the associate director at the library, after RISEUP’s presentation. “They spoke for two hours and I could have heard a pin drop.”


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