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Discover the history of fireworks

July 21, 2014

If you are like me, and according to the multitudes of people I saw all around South County over July Fourth weekend, a lot of you are, you love fireworks! I witnessed many an oooh and an ahhh as the skies lit up with a multitude of vibrant colors and sounds over the holiday weekend. The displays were most impressive, and a really great time was had by many as they sat in lawn chairs and blankets, on the grass or in the sand to see what would happen next. As I personally sat there in several of those places over the few days of displays, I thought about what I knew about the history of fireworks. The Chinese had a lot to do with this ritual, but why they were so interested in this exciting and interesting field was not something I could recall ever hearing much about. Why we as humans go to such lengths to celebrate and bedazzle the skies was not something I understood specifically, but I made a few mental stabs at it.

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