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Coventry's Verrier studies on Greek island through grant

January 10, 2014

Danielle Verrier, 24, of Coventry and a 2013 graduate of URI, recently traveled to Crete, where she examined an archaeological site tied to ancient Minoan civilization. Submitted Photo.

COVENTRY—A local woman got the chance to examine thousands of pieces of pottery during a trip to Crete last summer thanks to a grant from the University of Rhode Island (URI).

Danielle Verrier, 24, of Coventry, graduated from URI in May with a degree in archaeology and classical studies. Prior to graduating she had applied for a $1,000 grant from the Undergraduate Research Initiative to travel to the Greek island of Crete to look at the archeological site of Mochlos to find out when the volcano on the nearby island had erupted.

Many scholars who have studied the volcano in the past agree that it erupted 3500 years ago during the Minoan civilization.

“I was very excited and fairly surprised because I know that usually, for these kinds of grants, they pick a lot of science programs at URI,” she said. “So for them to pick an archeology program it meant a lot to me because they’re starting to recognize the importance of cultural heritage.”

Verrier said she spent three months on the island and during that time her and the other students examined dozens of boxes of pottery recovered during digs that occurred the past several decades.

“If your lucky you’ll get some pieces that are whole, painted pieces that are still in tact,” she added. “But generally you’ll end up with tons of little shards, that don’t have a lot of information.”

She said her and the fellow archeologists went through the thousands of pieces of pottery and did statistics on them to find out when they may have been created and by what they were used for.

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