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Club works through glitches, band rocks West Warwick

August 19, 2013

WEST WARWICK – Despite glitches in the sound system earlier in the day that carried into the night, the crowd who stuck it out to see one of their favorite bands perform at Manchester 65 did not leave disappointed.
“They were awesome,” people said as they left when it was over, close to 1 a.m.
The rock band Candlebox, who found their fame in the 1990s with “You” and “Far Behind,” is currently touring for their 20th anniversary and made a stop at Manchester 65 to rock the crowd.
Club owner Jim Vickers said first thing Wednesday morning he got a call saying the building had no power because a transformer blew out. This caused a huge delay, lasting hours, for the bands to do their sound checks. In addition to Candlebox, two other bands were expected to perform.
“So, we were all sitting ducks until that was fixed and that wasn’t until sometime around 4 p.m.,” he said. “Then we had to bring in additional speakers to bring the sound up to concert level because as we were testing, we found that we were getting a normal amount of sound.”
Vickers didn’t know this until just before the opening bands were scheduled to take the stage. Once the issue was worked out and more equipment was brought in, it was decided that by this time it was just too late to have the opening bands perform.
Even for some of the band’s bigger fans, the wait became too much and some left.
The club has only been open for about a month and Candlebox has been its biggest headliner so far.
With the crowd still waiting until after 10:30, the sound engineers did the check for equipment for the main band, who came to the stage a half hour later and welcomed some very happy fans.
“I saw an ad on the website that they were playing and I was a WBRU fan back in the day and liked their stuff, especially ‘Far Behind,’” said Scott Umstread from South Kingstown.
Candlebox fans Kara Kaczmarczyk and Lisa Delsestro, from Johnston, saw them play about six months ago and called them “phenomenal.”
Joe Silva and Gerry-Lynn Parento came from East Providence.
“I heard it announced on the radio and ran into the house to get tickets,” she said.
Lead singer Kevin Martin was happy that it all went well in the end but was upset for his fans who had to wait so long and thanked them a number of times for sticking it out.
He apologized a number if times for the delay and offered free Candlebox stuff if people keep their ticket stubs and visit their Facebook page.
“My favorite aspect of performing is the energy I get from the audience,” Martin said. “It’s a new venue and we had issues with the quality of sound, which isn’t cool at all, but I didn’t want to cancel on people.”
Martin, the main songwriter for the group, said he enjoys putting together the lyrics and melodies and really gets excited when he puts something together and feels it works right away.
“I call them happy accidents,” he said. “I think we’re just now finding who we are.”
His favorite album is Love Stories and Other Musings. His favorite song is “She Come Over Me.”
Martin believes a big part of what’s kept the band going for 20 years is the chemistry they share.
“We have great chemistry on stage and when we have set changes like we did tonight, we all just work well off each other and know what we have to do,” said the lead singer. “For us, it’s all about how we can give our best show.”
One of their favorite areas to play is San Francisco and New York.
Long-time fan and Coventry resident Carmine Larusso got the opportunity to share some thoughts with Martin after the show.
“I grew up with these songs, they’re my anthems and I think he really brought the albums to life, the way the melodies all work together is so great,” Larusso said. “I was so happy to meet him.”


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