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Charlestown resident finds forever homes for abandoned dogs

September 12, 2013

(Photo: Kelly Sullivan) A Charlestown resident has taken to helping abandoned dogs through her own adoption business, Always Adopt. Dogs of all ages are available for adoption. Learn more at

CHARLESTOWN – When one goes from working as a physical therapist for two-legged clients in England, to working as a therapist for four-legged clients in America, it’s obviously quite a change. But Louise Anderson-Nicolosi, now a Charlestown resident, seems to have found her calling.
In March of 2013, Nicolosi founded Always Adopt, a non-profit organization to facilitate and publicize the need for canine adoption.

“I had watched a documentary that showed all these beautiful dogs in shelters being tipped into chambers and gassed,” she recalled. “They were squealing and crying until the noise stopped. Then they were put into a dump truck. I thought, what can I do to help stop this?”
Nicolosi began attending presentations on all that can be done to help unwanted animals and, with experience in marketing, decided to set up her own organization.
“I thought that what I could do is really give these dogs some exposure,” she said. “Everything was all lined up. Rescue agencies were already doing their job. Animal transport agencies were already doing their job. So I decided to give it all massive exposure.”
Along with her website,, Nicolosi has begun holding ‘Super Dog Adoption Days’ events.
“We had our first adoption event in May at Morning Star Horse Farm in Kingston,” she said. “Out of the 150 dogs we brought in, 120 of them were adopted. The second event was held earlier this month at Inskip in Warwick. We brought in over 250 dogs and over 230 were adopted.”
Nicolosi said most of the unwanted dogs are brought here from the South where they are rescued from pounds and kill-shelters there.
“Dogs abandon in the South are quickly euthanized,” she explained. “There are far more people here in the Northeast who are able to give these dogs good homes.”
The dogs are kept secluded when they are first brought to Rhode Island to ensure they are healthy and to allow time for them to recover, if necessary.
“We are extremely cautious about that, as is the state,” she said.
An assemblage of volunteer veterinarians and trainers also work with the animals.
“This is a story of incredible human kindness,”, Nicolosi said. “It takes a whole team of people working together to make this happen. And there is not a penny of money involved in it except for adoption donations.”
While the next adoption event is planned for November, Nicolosi said dog lovers do not have to wait for events to adopt unwanted animals.
“I do a massive amount of marketing for our events through Facebook, the Internet, news media, banners and posters,” she said. “But when someone is driving down the road and sees a banner, it reminds them about the importance of adoption, whether the event is over or not. Go to your local shelter or animal rescue league. Or go online anytime to adopt a dog. You can see photos of the dogs that are available. It’s an absolutely unbelievable connection that can be made. You don’t have to wait for our events.”
Most dogs that come up for adoption are between eight months and 3 years old. However, there are also adult dogs, older dogs and special needs dogs waiting for loving homes.
“It’s a wonderful cross-section of life,” she said.
Seeing so many families be matched with dogs since starting the organization just five short months ago, the lifelong animal lover has been moved by the instant bond she has witnessed between humans and their new four-legged family members.
“There were these two little neurologically impaired dogs up for adoption,” Nicolosi said. “Neither could walk straight and they never will. This wonderful young family with five kids all under the age of 10 came to the event and just fell in love with those dogs. It was amazing to see, the fact that those wonderful people chose these two troubled dogs to adopt instead of looking for dogs with no problems. They just loved those little dogs and the little dogs loved them”.
Those desiring to give an unwanted dog a good home are urged to go to Nicolosi’s website or try one of two other adoption sites: or

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