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And the beat goes on: Sometimes we all just need to slow down (OPINION)

October 16, 2012

Just when I thought occasionally forgetting a name or word was a sign of getting older, I have learned that younger people also share this unique quality. Honestly, that thought is disconcerting to me.
Maybe it is our electronic world that causes this as most of us have become computer savvy. Some of us even know how to abbreviate words with signs, but why? Texting gives me a headache. My mind goes much too quickly to get any of my thoughts down in print on a cell phone screen before I begin forget them.
To make matters worse the cell phone can be a ‘lethal weapon’ in some people’s hands. The accident and death rates are all increasing because of texting and driving.
Today it is almost like you need to give yourself permission to settle down. The mind runs 100 miles an hour but what is coming out of your mouth is closer to 50 miles an hour, or the other way around. People talk a lot about everything and anything.
Recently I had dinner with two good friends. We shut off the cell phones and for over four hours we talked, we really communicated. Above all we listened and didn’t spend the time worrying about what the other one would say but, truly appreciating what was said. We took the time to respect each other for who we are. In this fast paced society we need to give ourselves permission to slow down.
Tomorrow comes much too fast, the yesterdays are gone; so take this day and have a conversation of listening.
And the beat goes on!

Merle “Magi” Green is the Editorial Assistant for S.R.I. Newspapers and can be reached at

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