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All Local Day at John F. Horgan

September 26, 2011

Students at John F. Horgan Elementary plant seeds for parsley, chives and lettuce on All Local Day as they learn about local produce. Lauren Knight. Kent County Daily Times.

WEST WARWICK—Supporting the local business is what John F. Horgan Elementary students did last Wednesday when they took their first bite of lunch.

In an effort to educate young kids on where food comes from, schools using Sodexo food distribution prepared menus filled with homegrown produce and local food selections from nearby farmers.

According to General Manager of Sodexo Donna Walker, this is the second year that Horgan has participated in the All Local Day. In January, the school committed to once again partake in the event.

“It is not just a phone call. You have to have dedicated farmers to grow food just for us,” said Walker, listing off the numerous schools that participating and require local food for the day.

According to Sodexo’s website, in order for Pezza Farm in Johnston to participate, they harvested 600 pounds of lettuce for the schools.

This year, seven Rhode Island farmers grew and prepared food for the schools, including Venda Ravioli, Schartner Farm, Catanzaro’s Sauce, Homestead Baking Company and Rhody Fresh Milk.

“Everything, with the exception of condiments, is fresh, locally grown,” said Walker, explaining that the event is designed to incorporate nutrition, community and education into the day.

Horgan’s menu on Wednesday featured pasta with Catanzaro’s Italian Sauce, tossed salad with fresh romaine and tomatoes and roasted zucchini and summer squash.


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