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Accused murderer Taylor waives right to appear

May 17, 2013

Robert M. Taylor, 45, is accused of brutally murdering and dismembering his mother, Allison M. Taylor, 65. (Photo Courtesy Narragansett PD)

Search warrants released; gruesome details unfold in murder of Allison M. Taylor

NARRAGANSETT – Robert M. Taylor, 45, who is accused of brutally murdering and dismembering his mother, Allison M. Taylor, 65, waived his right to appear in Washington County Superior Court Wednesday.
Taylor was due in Superior Court for a violation hearing.
By allegedly murdering his mother, Taylor was in violation of the terms of his probation, related to a 2007 breaking and entering incident that occurred in Providence.

Taylor’s violation hearing was continued to July 22, according to court records.
Taylor’s bail hearing regarding the charge of domestic murder was also continued to July 22, according to Amy Kempe, public information officer for the Rhode Island Attorney General.
Until then, Taylor will remain at the Adult Correctional Institution in Cranston and is still being held without bail, Kempe said.
In other news related to the Taylor case, four search warrants regarding the murder of Allison Taylor, allegedly by the hand of her son, Robert Taylor, were returned to 4th District Court in Wakefield Tuesday.
The warrants, signed May 7 by Judge Walter Gorman, permitted Narragansett Police and Rhode Island State Police to search a dumpster, owned by Narragansett Rubbish Removal and located at 130 Caswell St., Narragansett, where Allison Taylor had an apartment.
Warrants were also signed to allow police to search Allison Taylor’s apartment, a wooden shed located at the apartment complex, and to search her son, Robert Taylor and obtain his DNA.
When officers arrived at apartment 17 last Tuesday to investigate Robert Taylor related to a theft from a local church, they observed a trail of suspected bodily fluids leading to the dumpster, where they located a severed head, according to the affidavit of Narragansett Police Det. Ryan Prest.
At that time, the search was halted and the appropriate search warrants were obtained, the affidavit said.
The search warrants for the dumpster, the shed and the apartment, allowed police to search and/or seize “The body of Allison Taylor and any body parts, blood evidence, trace evidence, fingerprints, cleaning supplies, any and all weapons to include firearms, cutting instruments, any and all physical evidence related to the disappearance of Allison M. Taylor,” the warrant read. The warrant also allowed police to search and seize “Documents, personal belongings, any and all electronic media to include computers, cell phones and thumb drives.”
Rhode Island State Police returned the search warrants to District Court on Tuesday, which included a seizure report of the items seized during the execution of the search warrants.
In the dumpster, state police found a white bag containing a severed left foot, a towel with a severed right hand, a white blanket covering a severed torso, a pellet gun and a knife. Police also seized various clothing, linens, cleaning supplies, a phone, a pill bottle and a plastic bag containing beer cans and medication.
After transporting the dumpster to state police headquarters, police seized additional items including a ripped Mother’s Day card, more clothing and linens, a mop, a bag of cleaning supplies, a bag containing a shower curtain, more medicine, notebooks and a RIPTA bus pass in the name of Allison Taylor.
State police also seized several items from Narragansett Police pertinent to the alleged homicide including a bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide, a vodka bottle, a hamper containing a VCR, hospital paperwork, additional linens, a wooden cabinet, the keys to the residence, a pocket knife and a bucket with bleach. Additionally, police seized a receipt from CNA Mitzie Bonney who was allegedly on-scene as Taylor was disposing of his mother’s body. According to the affidavit, Taylor sent Bonney to Stop & Shop to get bleach, paper towels and a new shower curtain liner.
Bonney, who was at the apartment to visit Allison Taylor for a regular appointment, obliged and purchased the items.
When she returned, Taylor allegedly told her that his mother was “in rehab” but wouldn’t say where or when she would return.
Bonney was on-scene when police arrived to question Taylor about the larceny, according to the affidavit.
Police also executed a search warrant of Allison Taylor’s apartment where they seized some hair, swabs of stains, portions of furniture, flooring and the mattress.
Police also searched a blue wooden shed at the apartment complex where the Taylors lived but did not seize any items.
When police arrived at the apartment last week and began questioning Taylor, he “suddenly produced a pocket knife and began violent slashing his wrists in an apparent suicide attempt,” according to the affidavit.
Taylor was subsequently transported to Rhode Island Hospital where he was treated for his injuries. At the hospital, police seized Taylor’s clothing, took a swab of white and red stains on his shoes and seized the laces of his right shoe.
On May 8, when Taylor was brought to the Adult Correctional Institution, police seized two buccal swabs of Taylor and fingernail clippings from both of his hands.
Taylor is still being held without bail at the ACI.

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