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Payday lenders throw millions at powerful politicians to get their way

Business News - 1 hour 3 min ago
Payday lenders are spending millions of dollars in Washington in an attempt to stop the government from cracking down on the industry.

Amazon unveils one-hour delivery in New York

Business News - 1 hour 8 min ago
Amazon now has a solution for some of its customers who can't wait a few hours for delivery.

Grandmother: 'Now my family can sleep'

CNN - 1 hour 9 min ago
A man who allegedly shot a 15-year-old boy and his 12-year-old cousin last summer following a neighborhood dispute over a dog has been arrested in Stockton, California, after a 7-month manhunt, police said.
Categories: National News

Re-gifting is fine... if you follow these rules

Business News - 1 hour 10 min ago
Happy Re-Gifting Day!

Boko Haram kidnaps 185 women and children, kills 32

CNN World - 1 hour 13 min ago
Boko Haram insurgents kidnapped at least 185 women and children, and killed 32 people in a raid in northeastern Nigeria this week, local officials and residents said.
Categories: International News

Toyota has best value: Consumer Reports

Business News - 1 hour 16 min ago
Read full story for latest details.

GM halts deliveries to Russia

Business News - 1 hour 23 min ago
General Motors has halted deliveries of cars to Russia, making it the latest Western company to pull out of the market in the wake of the ruble's plunge.

Stars criticize Sony's decision

CNN Entertainment - 1 hour 29 min ago
Celebrities expressed their outrage at Sony Picture's decision to cancel plans to release "The Interview" on Christmas Day on Twitter.
Categories: Entertainment News

Where 'Team America' replaces 'Interview'

CNN Entertainment - 1 hour 30 min ago
After Sony decided to cancel the release of its comedy "The Interview," one Texas theater plans to screen "Team America: World Police."
Categories: Entertainment News

Rihanna's new gig isn't music or acting

CNN Entertainment - 1 hour 31 min ago
Jason Aldean takes top honors at a new awards show, "Selma" gets a prime spot in Palm Springs, and Rihanna's new gig!
Categories: Entertainment News

Putin: 'We're not attacking anyone, we're not warmongers'

CNN World - 1 hour 33 min ago
Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday that Russia is ready to mediate in the Ukraine crisis, and he denied that Russians killed in Ukraine were members of his country's military.
Categories: International News

UK police investigate possible murder of 3 boys in sex abuse ring

CNN World - 1 hour 33 min ago
London's Metropolitan Police announced Thursday that it has opened investigations into the deaths of three young boys, a probe that is tied to "allegations of serious and organised sexual abuse."
Categories: International News

Processed food as landscapes

CNN - 1 hour 35 min ago
Categories: National News

The man who was 'Stephen Colbert'

CNN Entertainment - 1 hour 36 min ago
On Thursday night, Stephen Colbert -- the pugnacious, "nation"-inspiring champion -- will host his last "Colbert Report" on Comedy Central. About six months from now, he will take a new role as host of CBS' "Late Show."
Categories: Entertainment News

Stocks: The Santa Claus rally is here

Business News - 2 hours 2 min ago
Scrooge has left the building.

What is this on a Scottish river?

CNN World - 2 hours 3 min ago
Here's another Scottish mystery to file alongside the Loch Ness Monster and Mel Gibson's accent in "Braveheart."
Categories: International News

Things that annoy North Korea

CNN World - 2 hours 6 min ago
North Korea's fury over the movie comedy "The Interview" appears to have taken the secretive state's oversensitivity to new extremes.
Categories: International News

Sony stock soars after movie is shelved

Business News - 2 hours 8 min ago
Sony's stock is rebounding now that "The Interview" has been shelved.

From conquistadors to the Cold War

CNN World - 2 hours 9 min ago
Just 90 miles away, Cuba inevitably shares a long history with the United States, from conquistadors to the Spanish-American War to the Cold War.
Categories: International News
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